If you’re living in a home which was built before 1970 and the house isn’t built on a concrete slab chances are your house is supported by stumps.

Throughout the life of the home the stumps will need maintenance due to ground subsidence or movement which is perfectly normal.  If you observe cracks in your wall or ceiling plaster, sloping uneven floors, doors creaking and not closing properly it probably time you give Link Building Systems a call.

 Link Building Systems will come around and asses your house, providing you with a detailed action plan to get your house back on level.

Link Building Systems use only quality products in the Restumping process and can provide you with a handful of options all backed up with a 10 year guarantee.

Link Building Systems have been Restumping houses all across the Murray and Goulburn Valley area’s for over 15 years.  With in-depth local knowledge of all the different soil types, Restumping options to best suit your location is assured when using Link Building Systems with qualified and experienced tradesman to carry out the job.

Especially if thinking of renovating an old house supported by stumps, get Link Building Systems to assess your house before you start work on your renovations.  While Link Building Systems are looking at your Restumping requirements the team can also quote on the Renovations at the same time saving you both time and money.

Don’t forget, use a licensed and qualified local builder to carry out all your Restumping needs.  Restumping is a specialist trade requiring advanced knowledge and skills to get the job done correctly.


Link Building Systems are fully licensed and insured  to carry out all forms of Restumping and are your local preferred builder when it comes to all your Restumping requirements.

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