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If you’re living in a home which was built before 1970 and the house isn’t built on a concrete slab chances are your house is supported by stumps.

Throughout the life of the home the stumps will need maintenance due to ground subsidence or movement which is perfectly normal.  If you observe cracks in your wall or ceiling plaster, sloping uneven floors, doors creaking and not closing properly it probably time you give Link Building Systems a call.

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Underpinning is for stabilizing the foundations of your building. We work closely with renowned engineers to provide a professional process ensuring very little disruption to your daily life.

Cracking of brick work or internal cracking of plaster may be the result of foundation movement. Underpinning is the process that supports and stabilises the movement of the building. As a part of our underpinning service we also provide services to repair the resultant damages

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